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All hail the humble corner guard| Inpro Corporation

All hail the humble corner guard

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Unsung hero of interior protection doesn’t get respect it deserves

Call it the Rodney Dangerfield of interior protection products.  When it comes to corner guards, many designers and building owners simply don’t grasp the superior performance and protection they deliver.

Holiday Inn Express SP corner guard


Try this little test

Take a 5 minute walk through your building and count the number of corners.  We just did that in our office space here at Inpro – the space is approximately 25’ wide and 75” long.  Guess how many corners there are?  Would you believe 75?

Now, not every corner in a space needs a corner guard.  But if we’re truly honest, many of them could benefit from some added protection.


There are corner guards, and then there are corner guards

In our business, we hear this tale more often than we care to:  The building manager tells maintenance he or she is tired of the beat up corners in, say, the elevator lobbies.  So, maintenance dispatches staff to the local big box home improvement store for clear, polycarbonate corner guards.  That’s very often a big mistake.

Don’t get us wrong … yes, in certain low-traffic spaces clear or tape-on corner guards are likely fine.  But, our experience is within days or weeks or no more than a few months, many low-cost corner guards are already cracked and damaged, and often so is the paint and drywall behind them.  When it comes to interior protection, you get what you pay for, and going cheap (aka value engineering) costs.  The old “ounce of prevention …” axiom.


The chronic do-over

Just about every facility has a handful of corners that are constantly being torn up and bashed. If the damage is in a public space, you don’t want to leave it looking wrecked, so someone on the staff is assigned to repair the corner … again … and again … and again.

So, doing a little ballpark figuring, let’s say that a corner, including dry wall and painting repair, gets fixed three times a year. By the time the workman:corner guard install


  • Loads up the work cart with tools and materials 
  • Moves to the damaged area
  • Preps the area (including putting up dust barriers)
  • Tears out the old
  • Cuts and installs the patch
  • Preps and paints or covers the wall
  • Cleans up the area (including dismantling the dust barrier)
  • Moves back to the maintenance or carpentry shop
  • Unpacks the work cart and discards the scrap


How much time – in dollars – are we talking about? Oh yeah, don’t forget the time lost while he or she goes back to the shop because somebody didn’t put the box of drill bits back where it belongs! What are we talking? Maybe $150 each repair. Now, multiply that by 3 repairs a year and you’re talking $450 or more.

SOLUTION: Install one high-impact corner guard at a typical price of $50 (in just a few minutes) and you’re $400 in the black, and that’s on labor alone. Say that corner guard stays in place for five years; then you’re $2,050 to the good.


corner guard install 2

Inpro has the solution

Whether you need a quick fix or a more integrated heavy duty solution, we have the corner guards that will keep your walls looking brand new.

• Low traffic area? Go with a tape-on
• Medium traffic area?
High-Impact Aluminum Retainers will do the trick
• High traffic area? The
BluNose® Retainer, Heavy-Duty Rubber, and Stainless Steel will provide an increased level of protection

Browse through all of our corner guards and discover the Unsung Hero that your facility needs.

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