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501 Series Pan System Redesign | Inpro Corporation

The re-engineered JointMaster® 501 Series Pan System has you covered from design to installation

JointMaster continuously engineers our products to bring you the highest quality solution for your building. Just one example of that dedicated engineering is our 501 pan system.

What is an expansion joint pan system?

Pan systems cover architectural expansion joints which allow for building movement caused by thermal and seismic events. Instead of using a traditional cover plate, pan systems allow you to infill the pan with your flooring, which helps you maintain a consistent design throughout your building.

This means that your design and your brand shine throughout the building uninterrupted.

What makes the JointMaster 501 Series Pan System different?

While there are other pan systems on the market, our obsession to bring you the best products has lead us to continually engineer the 501 to bring you something better than the industry standard.

We want to make sure your building looks as good in the years to come as it does on the day it opens so we’ve gone away from the common caulking solutions that can leave your expansion joint looking like this...

bad expansion joint pan caulk

Instead of caulking we introduced an engineered Santoprene seal. We saw that caulk erodes and degrades over time from cleaners and solvents, thermal and seismic movements and floor scrubbers and took it upon ourselves to research a better solution.

Why use Santoprene Seals?

The dual durometer, Santoprene seal integrates seamlessly into your flooring application. Not only do we have a wide array of standard colors but you can also custom select colors to match your flooring type.

Our Santoprene seal is also GREENGUARD Gold Certified which means that it can be used in schools and healthcare facilities. The use of Santoprene seals in this application is industry unique and couples with our obsession to protect buildings and the people who use them.

standard santoprene seal colors 

It’s more than a pretty design

In our constant effort to improve our products and help out partners in the field, we’ve also improved the installation sequence to help contractors achieve a quicker and more consistent installation.

The elimination of the preloaded spring system reduces complexity and manpower on the job.

Our pans now have the ability to meet both extra wide joints (up to 65 cm in some cases!) as well as the ability to resist very high concentrated loads. By providing prepackaged solutions for any condition, we have standardized our approach which reduces the need for customization…meaning a quicker lead time and reduced costing.

If you'd like more information, specifications, and technical documents visit the 501 Series Pan System product page, or download your FREE copy of the 501 Series Engineering Bulletin.

jointmaster 501 technical bulletin