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Larry Emerson| Inpro Corporation

More than just a pretty picture

At Inpro®, not only are we obsessed with protecting your building, but also your design style. Make an ordinary building look extraordinary with durable Printed Wall Art and Aspex® Printed Wall Protection.  

For more personalized image options, we’ve partnered with professional photographer, Larry Emerson, to capture stunning imagery to your specification.



Meet Larry Emerson of The Art Around You photography

Inpro® partnered with Larry Emerson and his firm, The Art Around You, so that customers interested in Printed Wall Art or Aspex® have access to another excellent and extensive library of more than 10,000 high resolution images to choose from. For capturing a unique image, customers can also contract with Larry for custom, on-site photography.


Larry Emerson’s eye for vibrant colors highlights the details of everyday life. With a background in biology at New York’s Fordham University and photography at the Germain School of Photography, Larry is a master at seeing what most of us overlook.


Emerson’s commitment to developing positive, uplifting imagery stemmed from his time in hospitals, as he is a twice-wounded combat veteran. This ignites his drive for photography by having the ability to provide art for healing environments and areas where people can enjoy his work.



Printed Wall Art

Inpro's Printed Wall Art products are stand-alone, statement art pieces printed on durable PETG.

Aspex® Wall Protection

Aspex® Printed Wall Protection combines the protection of a highly durable, rigid sheet with the clear, crisp imagery of digital printing. The product turns entire walls inside a building into a powerful canvas.



How to order

If you are interested in purchasing photos from The Art Around You, follow our ordering guide.

For a custom photoshoot, contact a sales representative.