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At JointMaster® we understand structures open to the elements have a specific set of requirements and needs that differ from other building types. That’s why we’re providing you with the first 5-star offering of protection products for your parking structures. These are designed specifically to combat the harsh and complex conditions of these environments.

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Expansion joint cover designs have remained relatively unchanged for decades. We studied their shortcomings to provide some of the most cost effective, heavy duty systems on the market. From using our tapered frame to evenly distribute weight for durability, to shallower frames that avoid rebar and cables, to sound dampening seals that cut down noise – we have engineered the next evolution in design.

Projects are difficult enough without adding several different vendors and warranties to the mix. We make procurement and maintenance easy by offering everything you need to protect your parking system in one place.

As always, sustainability is a major consideration for JointMaster®. Not only is all of the metal in our expansion joint systems made from recycled aluminum, but our speed guards and tire stops are made from shredded tires. Each product diverts between 1-5 tires from the landfill.

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