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Waterproof Expansion Joint Fire Barriers | Water Guard™ by Fireline 520™ | Inpro Corporation


The Threat to Expansion Joint Fire Protection

One of the biggest threats to traditional fire barriers is water. It is common that fire blankets will arrive before the job site is ready for installation and they must sit outside, exposed to the elements. With that type of exposure the barrier will have to be replaced because once it is wet, it is destroyed...unless you’re using Water Guard™.

Water Proof Fire Blankets In Action

Thunder Horse PDQ is a semi-submersible oil platform on location over the Mississippi Canyon Thunder Horse oil field, in deep-water Gulf of Mexico. It is moored in waters of 6,040 ft., 150 miles southeast of New Orleans. Thunder Horse PDQ is the largest off shore installation of its kind in the world, displacing 140,000 tons, and hosting an on board crew of 300.  It’s as tall as a 43-story bldg., with a main deck the size of two football fields laid side by side. Fireline 520™ was asked to tackled the large obstacle of providing fire protection in an environment destined to get wet. We were able to use the same technology that’s in our Water Guard™ to build removable fire blankets for the steam lines and boilers. The installation in Thunder Horse tested our Fire Barrier in the harshest of environments and confirmed the protection level that the Water Guard™ Series brings to any structure. The platform went into production in 2005, and now produces in excess of 200,000 barrels of oil per day.

Thunder Horse PDQ Oil Platform