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Reducing Hospital Noise

It takes a team approach and fresh thinking to tackle the factors making today’s hospitals twice as noisy as they were 50 years ago. The design community has numerous tools in their kit to bring quiet to healing. This whitepaper covers the effects of noise on the patient's healing process and solutions to help reduce this overall patient discomfort.


Shield Facility Brochure 2014.jpg

Shield Facility Brochure 2014


Webblok Color Card

Clickeze-2017-Window Treatment Fabric.jpg

Window Treatment Fabrics Brochure

These 5 window treatment fabric collections feature patterns and colors inspired by art of many forms, and the way we experience it. With a broad range of patterns and colors, this collection will make any window a work of art.


WebbGlide Color Card

Webb Shades Brochure.png

Webb Shades Brochure


WebbLok & WebbGlide Fabric Patterns


EZE-Space Brochure

Solarity Brochure.png

Solarity Solar Shades Brochure

EZE Swap Brochure featuring Shield and Formatrac.jpg

EZE Swap Brochure featuring Shield and Formatrac


Shield by Panaz Brochure


WebbGlide Brochure

Cordless Window Shades specially designed for Healthcare, Education & Hospitality applications. Equipped with self-balancing technology within the roller which means they can be easily adjusted by hand and will stay wherever you leave them. The spring roller is completely encased within the valance, making this shade system one of the most durable on the market.


Formatrac Bendable Track Brochure


Clickeze Services Brochure

Window Treatments Brochure.png

Window Treatments Brochure